A new look for a new era of Baltimore football

Baltimore's New Era

Welcome to Charm City. You might be a little confused. Because it doesn’t feel very "charming" when you’re getting laid out over the middle. There’s nothing particularly welcoming about taking a 12-yard loss on 3rd and 1. Visitors don’t typically feel good watching Lamar drop an 80-yard stinger into his receiver’s hands. Our hospitality may need a little work, but at least we nailed the look. 

Baltimore’s heart, grit, and greatness is visible in every iteration of The Ravens. They’ve represented Baltimore for nearly 25 years, but with a new era of Ravens football upon us, it’s time for a RAVENS REVAMP.

Color Correct

BLACK: #000000

V: #4D1F9F

UV: #673BDB

MD GOLD: #F1B400

RAY GRAY: #525252

HEAP GRAY: #868686


Revamp Logo + Alternates

Respect the Past. Represent the Future. 

There is a lot of good in the Ravens' current branding. However, the primary logo mark is complicated, has unnecessary visual information, a primitive sense of movement, and an unsophisticated color hierarchy. This Revamp concept is a simpler approach, and an evolution of the current mark. 

  • Less visual noise / fewer points and angles.
  • Removed the B and therefore the need for an alternate logo when reversed.
  • More scalable. More versatile with less complexity. 
  • Built for speed. Designed with motion in mind to look fast. 
  • Refined color scheme to emphasize black and vibrant purple. 


Ravens Revamp

Concept design by Casey Hawes.

No official partnership or affiliation with The Baltimore Ravens.

Message to The Ravens

To The NFL, NFLP, The Baltimore Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, Nike, and other branding decision-makers: 

If or when The Baltimore Ravens begin a rebrand/redesign effort in the future, please consider me (a Baltimore-based design director and Ravens fan) for that dream job. Go Ravens. 

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